The PIPS MINER is a 100% Hands Free Trading Robot
Capable of Producing MULTI HUNDRED PERCENT Profits
by Carrying Out Automated Trade in the Forex Market
With Over 91% Accuracy!

Important for American customers: If your broker is a NFA member and sticks to the FIFO and non-hedging rules, don't worry. We've prepared a special US version of our robots to help you make profits.

If you trade in the USA you can now get a special US edition of Pips Miner SE and EE complying with FIFO and non-hedging rules. Infogame 24 wants you to make serious money without breaking NFA regulations!

The PIPS MINER is a revolutionary Forex Expert Advisor, or a robot, developed by a team of successful professional traders and highly skilled, thoroughly educated masters of computer science, graduated from renown European universities. Based on thousands of hours of market analysts' and IT specialists' work, successfully back- and forward tested, the PIPS MINER is the latest word in automated trading AND a fast track to your financial independence. And the best thing is that PIPS MINER can give you the freedom to really make money without all the hard work and up front costs. Just sit back and let the robot start mining for Forex profits!

Do you know any bank deposit that could give you a return of 196%, 471% or even 851% return within 7 months? We sincerely doubt it. But with PIPS MINER such gains are realistic! In fact, these are actual results that the three different version of the PIPS MINER achieved between 1 January and 31 July 2009.

Are you able to win 9 of 10 Forex trades, using manual trading techniques? If you do, you are definitely an expert. But the question is, can you do this on a consistent basis? Probably not. No human trader is capable of it. It is often said that greed and fear are your worst trading enemies. Now, the PIPS MINER is free of these faults. Being a robot, it makes decisions based strictly upon current market conditions and its built-in trading algorithms. No human error, no fatigue, no emotions, no intervention required. The PIPS MINER allows you to conduct your trading in an stress-free manner, sticking to the plan.

Live account tripled – here's the real proof.

Pips Miner is a fantastic tool that does strictly what it has been created for – making money Our regularly updated live statement show how effective all 3 editions of Pips Miner can be. You can watch the live results here

Watch the Video

There are 3 basic versions of PIPS MINER:

  • PIPS MINER LE (Light Edition)
  • PIPS MINER SE (Standard Edition)
  • PIPS MINER EE (Extended Edition)

So what are the main differences between the three versions?

PIPS MINER LE has been designed for everyone who likes very moderate way of trading and has a limited funds on her / his account. It opens only one trade at a time.

PIPS MINER SE has been developed for traders who have more funds, but still prefer to be reasonably cautious. The advisor opens up to four simultanous trades and operates during London session.

PIPS MINER EE has been created for all those who like bigger risk and bigger profits. It opens up to eight trades at a time and operates during London session.

How Does It Work?

What the PIPS MINER basically does is monitor the market situation, searching for specific trade conditions, and when profitable setups are identified, it executes and manages trades from entry to exit.

The product family consists of three stand-alone Forex robots: Pips Miner Light Edition, Pips Miner Standard Edition and Pips Miner Extended Edition, all available on this site.

The PIPS MINER products have the following outstanding advantages and features:

  • 91% winning trades ratio with PIPS MINER Standard, over 93% winning trades with PIPS MINER Light and over 88% with PIPS MINER Extended Edition in a long run
  • Proven profitability: The PM has generated steady and secure profits since 2009
  • Does not require any special spread settings
  • Designed to trade the most popular currency pair EUR/USD at peak hours
  • Works on MetaTrader 4 platform, with both four and five digit price
  • 100% automated, hands free: requires absolutely no human intervention
  • Protects your trading capital while providing a stable, consistent income
  • Requires no decision making whatsoever
  • Allows you to conduct your trading in an emotion-free manner
  • Can be used anywhere in the world with any MetaTrader 4 Forex broker
  • Has built-in money management feature to ensure safe trading
  • Designed to suit every trader's needs, from the novice to the professional
  • No prior Forex experience or knowledge required
  • User friendly manual explaining how to use the PIPS MINER to gain maximum profit
  • Works regardless of the account size: you can start trading with as little as $200
  • Professionally designed and developed by a team of market analysts and IT experts holding masters degree in computer science
  • Tested by randomly chosen, independent traders from ALL AROUND THE WORLD!
  • The results are based on actual live trading and NOT on back tests.
  • 24/7 Customer Support

These impressive advantages and features combined with steady results make the PIPS MINER a revolutionary product that is capable of changing the way we think about Forex Market! But you don’t have to take our word for it. After all, it’s your money at stake. Here's the evidence of how effective the PIPS MINER can be.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves:
140.64% Profit In a Single Month

The following report shows the results that the PIPS MINER produced between 1st and 30th April 2009. Use the scrollbar to view the list of trades.

Capable of closing up to 22 winning trades per Day

Unlike many other EAs available, the PIPS MINER is capable of performing numerous winning trades within a single session! See the trade examples below:

Please Take A Look At The Live Demo Performance!
PIPS MINER Has Generated Over 142.33% Profit
Since The Launch!

These are the results PIPS MINER SE generated since the launch back in September 2009. The account survived without any human intervention despite all the recent turmoils on the market. You probably will never find a bank nor investment fund that would provide you with such a ROI. So now, having seen the recent results the robot has made, let's take a look at some history. The backtest shows a fantastic 7 months profit between 01.01.2009 and 31.07.2009. Seven months and more than seven thousadnd profit. Use the scrollbar to view the list of all trades within this period.

Right Time, Right Place, Right Currency Pair

There are three main financial and banking centres which drive the liquidity to the Forex market. These are Tokyo, London and New York. Among the “Big Three”, London is by far the leader when it comes to trading volume. The volume of Forex transactions processed during London trading hours is typically close to 30% of the world’s total daily volume (or about $580 billion US), while New York does a little better than half that, with around 16% ($330 billion US), and Tokyo typically sees about 10% ($210 billion US).

Therefore, The PIPS MINER has been designed to trade whilst the London market is operating. But if the market conditions are not favourable, the PIPS MINER won’t open any trade.

The robot trades EUR/USD currency pair on M5 chart. This is the most stable pair (unless some really bad news hit the market), as well as the most traded one.

Sick Of False Promises? 

You've heard it all before? You've tested countless EAs and ended up throwing them all in the trash can? You're sick of false promises that leave you waiting for a trade for what feels like forever or, even worse, watching your Forex account blow up?

The PIPS MINER is different. See why:

Let's face some facts. You have the right to be skeptical. There are scammers out there and we all know that. Vendors of some EAs available make very unrealistic claims about their products’ performance, while actual results are often unsatisfactory to say the least. This is not the case with the PIPS MINER. As it is one of the few Expert Advisors developed by a group of persons with masters of computer science degrees, guided by a team of successful, professional traders, the PIPS MINER sets goals that can be achieved!

So, here is what the PIPS MINER won't do:

  • It will not promise you unrealistic profits, while making you watch as your account is slowly deteriorating
  • It will not blow up your account
  • It will not keep you waiting for the trade longer than it is necessary

Instead, the PIPS MINER will:

  • Provide a stable, consistent income
  • Protect your trading capital
  • Open averagely at least one trade every session

PIPS MINER Light Edition - A Safe Solution For Uncertain Times

The PIPS MINER LE is a basic, extra-safe version of our trading robot, designed to ensure moderate but stable profit, while protecting your capital to the greatest extent. This will be probably the first PIPS MINER version what you will use on a live account. The PIPS MINER LE has proven to work even with the minimum account size. Take a look at the live performance below. Since the middle of March 2012 it has made far over 200% profit!!

The statement below show a live performance between March 2012 and end of October 2013. Then the broker closed our demo.

This is the live demo opened in November 2013.

Pips Miner Extended Edition has been developed with the aim of providing maximum possible gain without compromising your safety. Therefore, the robot is capable of producing substantial profit, while keeping trading accuracy at the high level of over 88%.

Compared to Standard and Light editions, the PIPS MINER EE represents a more aggressive approach to Forex trading and risk management. Although all editions have shown to produce excellent results, particularly in 2009, the PIPS MINER EE outperforms the other versions in many aspects, such as:

  • Profit maximalisation (851.5% gain in Jan-Jul 2009)
  • The number of consecutive wins (up to 27 over the period, as compared to 23 of PM Standard and 14 of PM Light)
  • Increased number of maximum simultaneous orders
  • Most sophisticated Intelligent Money Management Feature
  • Faster recovery from any possible drawdowns

And, just like all other PIPS MINER version, the Extended Edition is a 100% hands free Forex tool, which means that it can be run on your computer with absolutely no human intervention, opening, monitoring, and closing successful trades automatically in a stress free and emotion free manner.

This Extended Edition is a required addition to your trading arsenal, especially if you are already accustomed to the way that the Pips Miner Forex robots work. To see what the PIPS MINER EE is capable of, look at a few historical examples below.

Over $48,000 Earned Since January 2008

851,5% Net Profit in 2009

515% Profit In a Single Month

The following are the trades that the PIPS MINER EE performed between 1st and 31st May 2009.

Over 71.43% proved profit on live demo since April 2013!
Please take a look at the live performance of Pips Miner EE. Note that the results May vary from the above due to the dynamics of the market.

PIPS MINER EE proves to be an effective trading tool in term of both long and short-term investments. Below is the list of trades the robot made during a single session on 19th December 2008. Use the scrollbar to view the entire list. As you can see, it had 26 winning trades in less than 7 hours.

Strategy Tester: Pips_Miner_EE
Strategy Tester Report
AlpariUK-Demo (Build 225)

SymbolEURUSD (Euro vs US Dollar)
Period5 Minutes (M5) 2008.12.19 00:00 - 2008.12.19 22:55 (2008.12.19 - 2008.12.20)
ModelEvery tick (the most precise method based on all available least timeframes)
ParametersVersionDesc="PipsMiner EE M5 EURUSD"; LicenceDesc="---Licence Section---"; Licence_Number=123456789; UserEmail="Your Registered email address"; EA_Pass="Your Password here"; ParamsDesc="---EA Params Section---"; Lots=0.1; Magic_Number=1; GMT_Shift=1;
Bars in test1276Ticks modelled30783Modelling quality90.00%
Mismatched charts errors0
Initial deposit500.00
Total net profit1040.00Gross profit1040.00Gross loss0.00
Profit factorExpected payoff40.00
Absolute drawdown30.20Maximal drawdown228.00 (18.68%)Relative drawdown18.68% (228.00)
Total trades26Short positions (won %)26 (100.00%)Long positions (won %)0 (0.00%)
Profit trades (% of total)26 (100.00%)Loss trades (% of total)0 (0.00%)
Largestprofit trade40.00loss trade0.00
Averageprofit trade40.00loss trade0.00
Maximumconsecutive wins (profit in money)26 (1040.00)consecutive losses (loss in money)0 (0.00)
Maximalconsecutive profit (count of wins)1040.00 (26)consecutive loss (count of losses)0.00 (0)
Averageconsecutive wins26consecutive losses0
#TimeTypeOrderSizePriceS / LT / PProfitBalance
12008.12.19 10:45sell10.101.411401.440401.40740
22008.12.19 10:50sell20.101.412501.441501.40850
32008.12.19 10:55sell30.101.412301.441301.40830
42008.12.19 11:00sell40.101.409001.438001.40500
52008.12.19 11:02t/p20.101.408501.441501.4085040.00540.00
62008.12.19 11:05sell50.101.409101.438101.40510
72008.12.19 11:06t/p30.101.408301.441301.4083040.00580.00
82008.12.19 11:07t/p10.101.407401.440401.4074040.00620.00
92008.12.19 11:09t/p50.101.405101.438101.4051040.00660.00
102008.12.19 11:09t/p40.101.405001.438001.4050040.00700.00
112008.12.19 12:20sell60.101.401801.430801.39780
122008.12.19 12:25sell70.101.401801.430801.39780
132008.12.19 12:30sell80.101.402001.431001.39800
142008.12.19 12:59t/p80.101.398001.431001.3980040.00740.00
152008.12.19 12:59t/p60.101.397801.430801.3978040.00780.00
162008.12.19 12:59t/p70.101.397801.430801.3978040.00820.00
172008.12.19 13:20sell90.101.399101.428101.39510
182008.12.19 13:30sell100.101.398301.427301.39430
192008.12.19 13:35sell110.101.399101.428101.39510
202008.12.19 13:40sell120.101.398701.427701.39470
212008.12.19 13:45sell130.101.397901.426901.39390
222008.12.19 13:50sell140.101.397801.426801.39380
232008.12.19 13:55sell150.101.398501.427501.39450
242008.12.19 14:00sell160.101.398701.427701.39470
252008.12.19 14:07t/p90.101.395101.428101.3951040.00860.00
262008.12.19 14:07t/p110.101.395101.428101.3951040.00900.00
272008.12.19 14:10t/p120.101.394701.427701.3947040.00940.00
282008.12.19 14:10t/p160.101.394701.427701.3947040.00980.00
292008.12.19 14:10t/p150.101.394501.427501.3945040.001020.00
302008.12.19 14:10t/p100.101.394301.427301.3943040.001060.00
312008.12.19 14:10t/p130.101.393901.426901.3939040.001100.00
322008.12.19 14:10t/p140.101.393801.426801.3938040.001140.00
332008.12.19 14:50sell170.101.395501.424501.39150
342008.12.19 15:00sell180.101.395301.424301.39130
352008.12.19 15:10sell190.101.395101.424101.39110
362008.12.19 15:15sell200.101.394901.423901.39090
372008.12.19 15:20sell210.101.395101.424101.39110
382008.12.19 15:25sell220.101.395301.424301.39130
392008.12.19 15:50t/p170.101.391501.424501.3915040.001180.00
402008.12.19 15:50t/p180.101.391301.424301.3913040.001220.00
412008.12.19 15:50t/p190.101.391101.424101.3911040.001260.00
422008.12.19 15:50t/p210.101.391101.424101.3911040.001300.00
432008.12.19 15:50t/p220.101.391301.424301.3913040.001340.00
442008.12.19 15:50t/p200.101.390901.423901.3909040.001380.00
452008.12.19 16:25sell230.101.393601.422601.38960
462008.12.19 16:35sell240.101.393301.422301.38930
472008.12.19 16:50sell250.101.393201.422201.38920
482008.12.19 16:55sell260.101.393301.422301.38930
492008.12.19 17:25t/p230.101.389601.422601.3896040.001420.00
502008.12.19 17:25t/p240.101.389301.422301.3893040.001460.00
512008.12.19 17:25t/p260.101.389301.422301.3893040.001500.00
522008.12.19 17:29t/p250.101.389201.422201.3892040.001540.00

Comparison of the PIPS MINER versions

Strategy Pips Miner
Light Edition
Pips Miner
Standard Edition
Pips Miner
Extended Edition
Tested at Account Size $100 $1500 $3000
Total Net Profit* $196.95 $7077.70 $25,544
Profit %* 196.9% 471.8% 851.5%
Profit trades (% of total)* 93.51% 91% 88.88%
Max Consecutive Wins* 14 23 27
Open New Trades Between 8:00am–5:00am London Time** 8:00am–5:00pm London Time** 8:00am–5:00pm London Time**
Max Simultaneous Orders 1 4 8
Intelligent Money Management Feature Basic High Maximum

* Based on the results 1 Jan 2009 – 31 Jul 2009

** Due to DST (Daylight Saving Time) London Time changes two times a year (in the spring and in the autumn).


You can download the PIPS MINER whichever version you want instantly!

But how to pick the right version?

If you are a beginner or do not have a huge account yet, you will probably go for the LE version, which comes in 2 price options:

PIPS MINER LE full option for €129. This means you make a one time purchase and can use your copy immediately. This version includes free future upgrades.


PIPS MINER LE 30 days trial option for €49. This means you will be able to use your copy for 30 days and then your license will be deleted, unless you purchase an upgrade from your account in the Members Area.


Because PIPS MINER LE opens only one trade at a time there is no need for a special US edition.

If you have a bit larger account, but still are not a very risky trader, then your choice would be PIPS MINER SE (Standard Edition). You also have 2 price options:

PIPS MINER SE full option for €199. This means you make a one time purchase and can use your copy immediately. This version includes free future upgrades.


PIPS MINER SE 30 days trial option for €76. This means you will be able to use your copy for 30 days and then your license will be deleted, unless you purchase an upgrade from your account in the Members Area.


PIPS MINER SE opens up to 4 trades at the same time has been created for traders who like to trade quite moderately.

If you have a big account and like more risk and big profits, then your choice would be PIPS MINER EE (Extended Edition). You also have 2 price options:

PIPS MINER EE full option for €249. This means you make a one time purchase and can use your copy immediately. This version includes free future upgrades.


PIPS MINER EE 30 days trial option for €95. This mean you will be able to use your copy for 30 days and then your license will be deleted, unless you purchase an upgrade from your account in the Members Area.


The sooner you download PIPS MINER the quicker you will be able to start making PROFIT. 
Your order is placed safely via our 256bit secure server and you will be directed to the download page straight after payment.

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We wish you successful trading

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